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Airbrush Information


The airbrush is small in size and is generally available in single action external mix type airbrush where the air leaves the airbrush before it comes into contact with the paint which are best suited for covering larger areas with more viscous paints or the double action airbrush which separates the function for air and paint flow with this internal mix airbrush the paint and air mix inside the tip of the airbrush creating a finer atomized state of paint. The user can control the volume of airflow and the concentration of paintflow through two independent mechanisms. This gives the user greater control and more flexibility with various artistic and desired effects. This advanced version compared with the single action airbrush is more complicated and tends to command a higher price. Airbrushes are operated via compressed air through an airhose with the air source being a compressor or a can of compressed air. The airbrush is capable of spraying various media including ink and dye but mostly used for spraying specialized airbrush paint.

Airbrush Feed Systems

Gravity feed or suction feed, Gravity feed generally means a small cup reservoir on top or side mounted, paint is fed by gravity and requires less air pressure than suction type. Fine detail is best achieved and suited for this type of airbrush.

Suction feed, this airbrush typically holds a larger capacity of paint and is more suited for larger areas, called a bottom feed or side feed usually the paint is held in a glass jar.

Airbrush Major Brands

Iwata airbrushes are made in Japan and are considered the market leaders by many professional artists. Badger airbrushes, Thayer & Chandler, Revell, Aztek (Testors) Devilbiss, Paasche airbrushes are made in the USA and have budget models to professional level.

Airbrush Equipment

For the beginner or professional artist. We stock airbrush compressors, compressor adapters, airbrush airhoses, parts, needles, nozzles, airbrush paint, createx paint, autoair paint, paint jars, mini filters (moisture traps) cleaning pots, stands, stencils, dvds, airbrush kits, air regulators, air branch outlets, Ultrasonic cleaners.

Airbrush Cleaning

To achieve optimum results always make sure your airbrush is always cleaned after use. If using water based paints flush through via spraying with warm water or an airbrush cleaning solution to expel any remaining paint in the system. Then continue to use air alone to dry the system. When using solvent based paints then the appropriate solvent thinner is used in the same way. To aid the cleaning process hold a piece of lint free cloth tight over the airbrush nozzle cap and spray into the cloth this will force back and circulate through the system achieving removal of residue of paint. After prolonged use or poor cleaning it may be prudent to strip the airbrush and soak parts that are showing signs of stubborn dried paint in the appropriate cleaning solution, airbrush needle, nozzle and nozzle cap being the most common airbrush parts requiring attention.

Airbrush Uses

The airbrush has many uses and can be seen in advertising, book, album covers, and Photo retouching.

T-shirt art, fabric and clothing art are all successful with the use of the airbrush and special fabric and multi use paints, Createx Paint being just one example.

Cosmetic application of liquid foundations that have a high coverage but thin in texture can be applied with the airbrush for a full coverage without heavy build up.

Temporary tattooing, body art and spray tanning are now all very popular with the use of the airbrush.

Nail art, aided with hundreds of tiny stencils widely available for nail art creations.

Airbrushes are frequently used by scale modeling enthusiasts to achieve desired effects which would be hard to replicate by brush work alone. The custom car industry, with murals, graphics and other artwork being also displayed on vans, lorries, boats, planes motorcycle tanks, helmets etc just to mention a few all enjoy the beautiful artistic and desired effects an airbrush can bring in skillful hands.

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