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Hollywood Trade Ltd has over 8 years experience in supplying airbrushes and airbrush equipment to both trade and individual customers worldwide. Being primarily a company with a long history of importation of key products from major players in Europe and the Far East.

Airbrushes for Sale

We offer a wide range of airbrushes online, from single action to dual action to the exclusive Iwata range of airbrushes for sale. In addition, supplies airbrush kits which can provide you with all the essential parts you may need to do a professional spray job.

Our single action airbrushes, like the HS38 Single Action External Mix Airbrush, are great starter airbrushes and ideal for beginners or students, while our range of dual action airbrushes, like HS86 Gravity Feed d/Action 3 Cup Airbrush, tend to be suited to a wide variety of painting applications requiring a finer spray pattern, for example, illustration, photo retouching and cake decorating and so, are tailored for the more experienced air brusher.

Finally, our exclusive Iwata Eclipse range of airbrushes are the ultimate choice in terms of versatility, reliability and performance. Iwata designed these airbrushes as multi-purpose, high paint flow, and high detail to cover a wide range of uses. They can be used for a range of applications including spray tanning, body art, mural painting and custom automotive.

All our airbrushes come with 1 year warranty covering manufacturing faults. The Iwata range carry a 5 or 10 year warranty depending on the type of airbrush.

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